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IC Contact Post

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[voice] ...happy deathversary?

...I can't believe it's been a year. I wonder why my marking came back, if everything's over...?

(I stretched the ending arc from July to September last year, but in canon, it was all one day. SO YEAH. This is intentional. 8D)
I think my birthday went well... It was a little embarrassing for everybody at work to make a big deal out of it, but it was sort of fun!

Um, does anybody want the extra cake? We have lots...
I think I might get used to typing like this. It's sort of fun. But, um, if anybody doesn't want me to, I'll talk normally to them, okay? I just didn't want all the new people to think I was weird.

[mew-locked, easily hackable]

Um... since my marking is gone, that means I don't have any powers anymore. I know I just wanted to be normal, but...

Why do I feel sad about this?
It's still really hot out... I feel like I'm going to dry up and evaporate. I'm tired...

Um, how is the weather with everyone else?

(Continuing to break up the finale into tiny pieces to drag it out! \o/)
[public, voice]

Ichigo-san isn't back yet. She was out with her boyfriend again, and she said he had something important to say, so she might be a while, but I'm sure Shirogane-san will get angry if she's too late. He always seems to pick on her more than us. He's usually so nice to me...

...what's that outside?

[ten minutes later, Mew-locked and voice]